Apricot jam (no sugar added!)

    cute jars

    It’s jam season!

    Actually, it’s apricot season. Katie & I picked lots of apricots from our friend’s tree so we decided to try our hands at jamming. Little did we know that 40-50 apricots, 4 hours of manual labor, and getting burned while following proper water bath canning procedure would produce.. 4 jars of jam. (We had 24 jars on hand.)

    Use honey – not sugar

    When we looked up apricot jam recipes, I was shocked by how much sugar all the recipes asked for. However, I found a recipe that uses honey instead of sugar and results were great! It helps to use super ripe apricots as well.

    organic ingredients for apricot jam (apricots, lemon, honey)

    Ingredients that went into our homemade jam


    Jam is actually super easy to make. We followed this recipe & only used the following:

    Organic apricots

    Organic lemon

    Organic honey

    Dash of ginger and cinnamon

    I also cut some cardstock & stamped both the white labels and gift tags (below):

    labels for jam jars

    Katie’s rambling on canning

    Katie: I always wondered how jams were able to stay on shelves for months. Mary may have thought I was a little paranoid about canning properly. We didn’t need any fancy canning equipment – just a pot of boiling water. It was a little difficult to take the mason jars in and out (hence the hand burning) and it probably would have been better to have a bigger pot, but overall I think the jars sealed okay!

    apricot jam

    Apricot jam: good on toast, ice cream and shortbread cookies

    Tips for next time

    Mary: I really don’t think canning is necessary. Just gift it right away & ask the recipient to refrigerate it. Also, if you’re making these as gifts, make sure you have enough apricots to fill plenty of jars (not just 4).

    Overall, homemade jam is easy to make, delicious, and pretty as gifts.

    homemade apricot jam

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