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DIY: Lavender Eucalyptus Salt Scrub With Dead Sea Salt

lavender eucalyptus salt scrub with dead sea salt

Wow that was a mouthful. Few weeks ago, I made a bunch of hand and body scrubs using my Dead Sea salt. I’ve been meaning to for a year now and finally bought essential oils and pretty jars to make it happen. They were such pretty & unique Christmas gifts and I selfishly gifted myself one as well (product testing right?).

Dead Sea salt is basically magic

Quick tangent: I love, love, love Dead Sea salt. I discovered these magical crystals during my work trip to Israel and Jordan last year. After swimming in the Red Sea at Aqaba, Jordan a few times, I realized that the super high salinity healed my ear piercing infection! My auricle piercing (middle of the ear) had a keloid and was infected for a while — I was sadly planning on removing the piercing but swimming in the Red Sea healed it completely. Since Dead Sea salt is even saltier and contains even more minerals than Red Sea salt, I left the Middle East with several salt packs from AHAVA. OK back to the scrubs.. I’ll write more about these salts in the future.

DIY salt scrub

Exfoliating hand manicure to enjoy 1-2 times a week. And it smells so, so good.


These pretty gifts only require 4 main ingredients:

Dead Sea salt

Coconut oil

Essential oils

Pretty jars

You can buy this AHAVA 32oz bottle if you want to use Dead Sea salt. Costco & Trader Joe’s sell really cheap extra virgin coconut oil. My essential oils are from this NOW Essential Oils variety pack and the jars are Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jars from Target. The jars were buy one get one 50% off so it was pretty much a steal. Also, you can use any salt, oil and essential oil(s) you like. You can try Epsom salt or coarse sea salt; olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, etc; and citrus essential oils like grapefruit or orange if you want an energizing and refreshing scent. I also mixed in some dried lavender buds and next time, I’ll add some vitamin capsules as well.


These salt scrubs are super simple to make. It should only take 15 minutes but it took me over an hour. (I’d like to say I was taking my time but I was probably just really slow.)

  1. If your coconut oil is solid, melt it over the stove like this over boiling water or directly in the microwave
  2. Mix together 3 cups of salt and 1.5 cups of melted coconut oil
  3. Add in ~30 drops each of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils
  4. Mix well and scoop them into the jars (use a silicone spatula so you don’t leave any leftovers)

The salt to oil ratio should be 2:1. I added a little too much coconut oil so I had to put in some regular coarse sea salt (ran out of my AHAVA salt:( ) to even it out. In the end, I was able to fill 7 jars.

salt scrub gifts

Finally, I topped off the jars with decorative labels and ribbons. The labels took forever to write so I’d suggest making simple tags or writing on washi tape instead.

lavender eucalyptus salt scrub

Pretty addition to the bathroom counter

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