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    Husking coconuts (without a machete)

    Part 5 of WFH Series: Oahu Thanks to a brave tree climber (and trespasser), we were gifted 6 coconuts and no proper tools to crack them open. While Don didn’t have…

  • Food

    Plum Jam

    Katie’s been really rocking these jam sessions lately (all the puns intended). For Week 15 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home, she covers another recipe from her Boise…

  • Food

    Apricot Jam (NOT Sugar Free)

    A fitting 12 jars of jam guest blog for Week 12 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home. Katie has become quite the jamming (& canning) connoisseur since our…

  • Food

    Frozen S’mores

    For Week 11, guest blogger Katie introduces an OCD’s (or just my) dream snack: a clean way to prepare & enjoy s’mores. Check out her prolific baking and other shelter-in-place adventures…

  • homemade bubble tea recipe

    Homemade boba pearls

    Amidst the last heatwave, I took out the tapioca flour, turned up the stove, and rolled together a couple hundred (???) boba balls. Homemade boba is probably the ceiling to my…

  • Food

    Regrowing Green Onions in Water Only

    Week 9 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home covers a food hack that apparently everyone except Katie and me knew about before the pandemic. I think it’s a…

  • 8 layer honey cake recipe

    8-Layer Russian Honey Cake

    This is Week 7 of Katie’s guest series, Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home. While her previous hiking suggestions inspired me to #OptOutside for a $40 hike (thanks nail in tire), today’s…

  • Food

    Dalogna matcha (fail)

    With the remainders of my matcha powder and egg rations, I succumbed to trying out the latest quarantine trend: Dalogna coffee, or Dalogna matcha in this case. Spoiler alert: Creativity of…

  • homemade dole whip ingredients

    Homemade Disneyland Dole Whip

    In Week 3 of the Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home series, guest author and amateur botanist Katie reminisces on her glory travel days thanks to Disney and BuzzFeed. This…

  • Food

    Grapefruit Green Tea

    This is a TBD-part guest blog series from Katie. Who am I, you may ask? Mary and I were roommates back in 2018, not to mention climbing partners, tiny home festival…