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    DIY: Faux Marble Coffee Table

    It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a DIY. After moving to a new home (and country), I’ve accumulated a laundry list of project ideas that have not been actualized.…

  • Arts & crafts Travel

    RiNo Art District

    Part 2 of WFH Series: Denver Denver’s River North Art District – more commonly known as RiNo – would top my favorite art districts list if I started one. This pocket…

  • Arts & crafts

    DIY: Hanging Succulent Planters

    Yay to Katie’s inaugural guest post on an arts & crafts topic. Throughout Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home, she’s been cooking yummy foods, volunteering, and being outdoors, but…

  • DIY doormat lettering
    Arts & crafts

    DIY: Custom Skinny Doormat

    Like any good Asian, the thought that popped into mind when I saw small steps to my new apartment was, Where to wipe shoes before going inside? Thanks to Etsy, I…

  • DIY customized terracotta pots
    Arts & crafts

    DIY: Painted terracotta pots

    Ever since I got into plants, I’ve read so much about the benefits of terracotta pots. The porous clay material allows for good air and water movement, promoting healthy plants with less chance…

  • decomposed ice cream modern art
    Arts & crafts

    Deconstructed ice cream cone abstract art

    Note: I’m running a Covid-19 fundraiser using this artwork. Check it out! During a Maui trip for Peggy’s bachelorette, I saw the same generic, albeit cute, pineapple artwork everywhere. I tried…

  • DYI wedding welcome sign
    Arts & crafts

    DIY: Wedding welcome sign

    Gefflin DIY’ed (DIY’d?) most of her & Sean’s wedding decor by herself (very efficiently too!), and asked me to hand letter a personalized wooden ‘Welcome’ sign. I’d never done that previously…

  • Billy balls entryway decoration
    Arts & crafts

    DIY: IKEA shoe cabinet hack

    I probably tricked you into reading this post with these cute yellow flowers, also known as dried billy balls from Gefflin and Sean’s wedding bouquets. But in all seriousness, does it…

  • new mercies every morning
    Arts & crafts

    Favorite planner pages from 2016

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using a weekly planner. It’s been the same Moleskine weekly planner for the past 6 years. The lines on the right are perfect for taking…