Stunning rock formations in Colorado

Part 4 of WFH Series: Denver

During our time in Denver, many weekends were spent day tripping to nearby nature spots. Garden of the Gods, Flatirons, Rocky Mountains (pics), and Red Rocks – there’s so much beauty available within 2-3 hours of the city.

Garden of the Gods

Even though I’ve been to the park three times now, each time and every turn feels like a God moment. I’m thankful for such examples of playground-sized wonder, as it points to what our Creator can paint with a boundless canvas of space and time. These rocks also founded my love for rock climbing ten years ago!

During our second trip, the beautiful weather offered several photoshoot opportunities until it decided to thunder and rain. We dashed out of the park as quickly as we could – and into Arby’s drive through for some quintessential roast beef sandwiches (Michal’s first!).

The pose that started it all

Photo credits to the whole GOG crew for the following:

clear winner

The Flatirons

The first thing you see when driving towards Boulder are its iconic Flatirons. These slanted rock formations are literally right in the city and host plenty of hikes and fields just minutes away.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks is a stunning example of man-made augmenting the natural. Watching a concert here has been added to my bucket list, and is a good reason to visit Colorado again.

new band, sponsored by Hydro Flask

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