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  • DIY doormat lettering
    Arts & crafts

    DIY: Custom Skinny Doormat

    Like any good Asian, the thought that popped into mind when I saw small steps to my new apartment was, Where to wipe shoes before going inside? Thanks to Etsy, I…

  • Travel

    Balboa Park, San Diego: Masks Edition

    A day trip to Balboa Park in San Diego has been the furthest I’ve explored as shelter-in-place continues to put a damper on summer travels.  Reunited with my 50mm prime (and…

  • Misc

    Summer Solstice Hike

    Week 13 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home covers 2 of my favorite topics: summer and hiking. Yet my only comment to Katie’s guest post would be: TFTI…

  • Food

    Apricot Jam (NOT Sugar Free)

    A fitting 12 jars of jam guest blog for Week 12 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home. Katie has become quite the jamming (& canning) connoisseur since our…

  • Food

    Frozen S’mores

    For Week 11, guest blogger Katie introduces an OCD’s (or just my) dream snack: a clean way to prepare & enjoy s’mores. Check out her prolific baking and other shelter-in-place adventures…

  • homemade bubble tea recipe

    Homemade boba pearls

    Amidst the last heatwave, I took out the tapioca flour, turned up the stove, and rolled together a couple hundred (???) boba balls. Homemade boba is probably the ceiling to my…

  • Food

    Regrowing Green Onions in Water Only

    Week 9 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home covers a food hack that apparently everyone except Katie and me knew about before the pandemic. I think it’s a…

  • Snake plant home decor

    My 8 favorite houseplants

    Growing up, I thought it was ridiculous how many plants my mom keeps around the house until I turned into a plant lover myself. Apparently ‘plant lady’ is the new cat…

  • Travel

    Cousins Ski Trip to Utah

    This is such a long post that I’ll compensate with a brief intro. Welcome to Week 8 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home by guest blogger Katie: a weekend itinerary…

  • DIY customized terracotta pots
    Arts & crafts

    DIY: Painted terracotta pots

    Ever since I got into plants, I’ve read so much about the benefits of terracotta pots. The porous clay material allows for good air and water movement, promoting healthy plants with less chance…