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    Regrowing Green Onions in Water Only

    Week 9 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home covers a food hack that apparently everyone except Katie and me knew about before the pandemic. I think it’s a redundant topic by now (almost 3 months into shelter-in-place!) but if Katie’s post lends itself useful to anyone, then I guess it’s worth this real estate.

    Last week’s blog post goal was to decorate cupcakes using my new piping kit. Unfortunately, I failed at making buttercream frosting despite acing it the first time I ever tried when I hastily made cupcakes for Mary’s surprise drive-by birthday. So the cupcake piping demonstration post will have to wait for another time.

    In the meantime, I will share a tip that I never knew about until the beginning of SIP. My mom sent an article about all the different vegetables you could regrow just by placing a small end in water without any dirt. Vegetables like lettuce, celery, bok choy, fennel, and my favorite, green onion. I used to have a lone green onion growing amongst my oregano. I’d wait for it to become tall enough to cut, then strategically decide which dish would be lucky enough to receive it. Now that I know how easy it is to grow green onions in water, I’ll never need to buy them from the store (or worry about how I could best use the one little sprout from my garden).

    Gobble, for when you want to #treatyoself to not going grocery shopping

    With the leftover green onion from one of my Gobble meal kits, I placed the trimmings in a mason jar and filled with water to just above where the white part turns green. To my delight, the green onions really did regenerate in a surprisingly short amount of time!

    In just one week, I basically have a bunch of full grown green onions. Not only will this save money, but also ensures I can add a flavorful garnish to any dish at any time. If you try this yourself, just be sure to keep the jar near a sunny window and change the water every 2 days. You’ll surely enjoy the endless supply of green onions!

    Now back to mentally preparing myself to becoming a cupcake piping master…

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