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    Arts & crafts

    DIY: Hanging Succulent Planters

    Yay to Katie’s inaugural guest post on an arts & crafts topic. Throughout Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home, she’s been cooking yummy foods, volunteering, and being outdoors, but I’m excited she’s now giving DIY a chance.

    Now I am not one for gleefully seeking out creative projects, but spending time in Mary’s blog world may have been the inspiration to try making something decorative of my own. Here’s my first attempt at a DIY project.

    I’ve had this leggy succulent that I propagated more than year ago into a few of those cute little “Oui” yogurt jars (#upcycle). On a recent trip to Santa Cruz, I found some small pieces of driftwood on the beach. With some rope and little hooks that I already had at home, I created this hanging three-jar succulent planter.

    If I do say so myself, it looks like something you could buy on Etsy. This little DIY project got me thinking about what else I could repurpose and make something out of for no cost at all. Still have yet to come up with any other ideas.

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