Frozen S’mores

For Week 11, guest blogger Katie introduces an OCD’s (or just my) dream snack: a clean way to prepare & enjoy s’mores. Check out her prolific baking and other shelter-in-place adventures in Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home.

Nothing says summer quite like s’mores. Sadly, the 3 or 4 camping trips I usually plan each year likely won’t happen due to SIP restrictions. But I fear not. It turns out, you can make modified s’mores from your own kitchen with this Frozen S’mores recipe (shout out to Big Sis, Lee, for sharing).

This recipe calls for a few more ingredients than normal s’mores. Since Mary likes lists, the key ingredients are:

Graham crackers

Chocolate pudding mix

Marshmallow creme

Cream cheese

“Cool Whip”

Kroger brand is a clear indication of being in the Midwest

The “Hershey’s” layer is just chocolate pudding mixed with milk. While that set in the fridge, I made the marshmallow layer.

Lee says, “you can go crazy and add your fave candy to the chocolate layer.”

This layer involved mixing the marshmallow creme and cream cheese, and then folding in the generic Cool Whip.

Somehow my little sister, Babes, inherited my grandma’s old General Electric hand mixer c. ~1950s. Jealous!

When all combined, the marshmallow mixture was spread over the chocolate layer and placed in the freezer overnight.

Action shot

Sandwiching the layers between graham crackers proved to be much more difficult than I thought. Babes was not impressed by the mess I made on her kitchen counter, not to mention the uneven edges and unequal size squares.

Trader Joe’s graham crackers are rather hard to break straight down the middle

What’s important, though, is that the frozen s’mores were delicious! I really love the added touch of cream cheese in the marshmallow layer. The s’mores can be kept in the freezer, which will soften up the graham crackers and make it more like an ice cream sandwich.

Super messy, just like real s’mores

While this recipe doesn’t quite replace the feeling of roasting marshmallows over an open campfire, frozen s’mores are a great alternative and can be quickly grabbed out of the freezer on a hot summer day for that marshmallowy chocolatey goodness.

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