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DIY: Wedding welcome sign

DYI wedding welcome sign

Gefflin DIY’ed (DIY’d?) most of her & Sean’s wedding decor by herself (very efficiently too!), and asked me to hand letter a personalized wooden ‘Welcome’ sign. I’d never done that previously but it ended up being not so difficult.

The more difficult part was balancing painting with petting Mochi, furbaby to Mark and Hannah, permanent resident of Gefflin’s house and heart, and personal assistant for me on this project.

wedding sign supplies

Here are the supplies:

Piece of wood

Paint brush

White acrylic paint


Cute cat*

*Cute cat is optional but strongly recommended.

wooden welcome sign DIY
cat and arts and crafts
Make sure it’s Mochi-approved before continuing

Some things to keep in mind: Pencil in everything beforehand. I should’ve left more white space for ‘Sean & Gefflin’ on the 2nd line but was too eager to start painting the ‘Welcome’ part. Also, not sure if this is solvable but the white paint required 3-4 coats to get it pretty opaque, aka 3-4x longer than anticipated.

cat and crafts

And here’s the happy couple under the sign. Check out Yang’s blog for more awesome shots from the day, which hilariously involved the two Nathans showing up after the bride walked down the aisle, Edward & Lina showing up halfway through the vows, and Mark & Hannah showing up after the ceremony.

wedding couple posing under sign
Yang Lu Photography

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