2017 website stats

Decided to see how this site did in its first year as I was collecting EOY website stats at work.

I started it Jan 1 and wrote 8 (measly) posts over the year. Actually, 5 were all in Jan-Feb so probably would give a C- in overall effort for 2017. Anyways, here are the #s:

  • 1,379 visitors viewed a total of 3,056 pages.
  • Visitors came from 498+ cities, 51+ countries – Brazil and China brought the bots.
  • Average time spent per visit was 1:02 min. Fast readers or boring content? Probably the latter..

Pinterest loves DIY

After the homepage (not sure how people even find it since Google Analytics shows mostly direct traffic), the 2nd most visited page is the salt scrub recipe.

My salt scrub recipe on Pinterest

Thanks 25-54 year old ladies of Pinterest for making it go minimally viral

I’m considering trying Instagram this year but my anti-social media-ness keeps saying no..

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