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  • Fremont Older Preserve

    Social Distancing Hikes in the Bay Area

    After shelter-in-place orders were enforced, it seemed like Katie was going on a hike every other day (more than her usual hiking quota). This guest post, Week 6 of Day in the…

  • dog holding phone and wallet
    Misc Travel Work

    What’s in my wallet?

    Week 5 of the Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home series is as fun as money talk can get. When guest author Katie first pitched the idea, I originally wasn’t interested but…

  • Home Travel

    Cacti from Arizona: Then & now

    Guest blogger Katie, along with commentary from Mary on cactus #4, #10, and #11, share updates on their beloved Arizonian souvenirs in Week 4 of Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At…

  • homemade dole whip ingredients

    Homemade Disneyland Dole Whip

    In Week 3 of the Day in the Life: Katie Shelters At Home series, guest author and amateur botanist Katie reminisces on her glory travel days thanks to Disney and BuzzFeed. This…

  • Food

    Grapefruit Green Tea

    This is a TBD-part guest blog series from Katie. Who am I, you may ask? Mary and I were roommates back in 2018, not to mention climbing partners, tiny home festival…