New website.. 4 years later

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Bidding adieu to the old site

Finally! Finally got around to updating this site. I’ve been telling myself for the last 4 years to get a new layout & actually start using this space. Migrating to a CMS was easier than I thought and the designs are so pretty – I should’ve just done this years ago. Sigh, what I get for being lazy.

Gone are the days of writing HTML, CSS and PHP with Dreamweaver, checking everything locally, and wincing at the final product that looked so simple but involved painstaking hours to code. Front-end web development is an art form itself but I’d rather spend more time writing actual content now.

My previous website pieces

Portfolio of past web design projects

Past web design pieces

Super old graphic design pieces

Hello {2017|website} goals

In the past few years, I’ve stopped making New Year’s resolutions as they practically became OCD laundry lists. But to keep myself accountable to maintaining this site, I made 2 goals:

1. Stretch creatively

2. Write freely

Hopefully I don’t get lazy. I’ve accumulated a huge backlog of photos to post-process (2-3 years worth) so this might also serve as the catalyst to getting those edited & posted. Well, 2017.. here we go.

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