Costa Rica on a whim

Earlier this year, Lauren and I were really stressed out from work. We found ourselves in Costa Rica 2 weeks later.

Markings of a spontaneous trip: being upgraded to a two story 8-person villa, getting rejected at the Nicaragua border, and gushing over adorable sloths. Oh, and eating ice cream 3 times in one day.

arroz con calamari

arroz con calamari – can eat this all day every day

she fits right in

granizados or copos

granizados/copos – the most amazing concoction of shaved ice and diabetes

daily breakfast & view

Arenal Volcano


coati theives

little dinosaurs

Arenal Volcano

rich man’s umbrella (front), poor man’s umbrella (back)

so many sloths! see more animals here

Arenal Volcano

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